Mental Health Training

Some of you may remember the Mental Health Training that was launched at the start of this year to encourage more student groups to talk about the importance of mental health. During the Easter break, VP Societies and Media Holly Hughes and VP Welfare and Diversity Willow Wong have widened this training to permanent staff members within the Students’ Union.

For those who don’t already know, Holly and Willow received their qualifications as Mental Health First Aiders back in August 2018. Since then, Willow has collaborated with the Mental Health Network on the Mental Health Awareness Week and Holly has pioneered her ‘Man Up’ campaign to tackle men’s mental health.

Of course, the important work of encouraging more people to learn about mental health doesn’t stop there. Let’s hear from Holly and Willow about why it’s crucial for permanent staff members at the Students’ Union to get involved in the campaign around wider mental health awareness!

Tell me more!

“Over the Easter break, Willow and I got the chance to deliver mental health training to around 30 staff members working across different teams in the Students’ Union. This included those who work at the Helpdesk and the Union Shop, alongside staff members from our Trading, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Student Opportunities and Student Voice teams.

“This is an exciting step forward, as more staff members than ever before will hold a better understanding about mental health, particularly relevant issues affecting students at Royal Holloway. During the training, Willow and I also provided helpful resources which will help more staff members effectively signpost their peers and students to welfare services within the local area.”

A gentle reminder...

“As we welcome the start of Term Three, many students will naturally feel stressed due to exams and assessments deadlines. Please remember to look after your own wellbeing and support each other over the coming weeks.

“If you have concerns about meeting your deadlines or if you are worried about the wellbeing of a friend, you can reach out to the College’s Wellbeing team who will be able to offer confidential guidance and support. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the Students’ Union Advice Centre for an appointment by emailing or simply drop by our Union Helpdesk.

“Meanwhile, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Stressbusters events happening across the Summer Term, and more mental health training sessions to be delivered by myself and Willow!”

Holly Hughes // Vice President Societies & Media

Willow Wong // Vice President Welfare & Diversity