Money Matters For Housing

Last week, we hosted our Housing Fair where you were able to check out accommodation options for next year and seek advice on all your housing-related questions.

One stand that proved to be very popular belonged to our Advice Centre  – as well as posing all your questions to our Housing Advisor and getting involved in some practical activities (food budgeting and lightbulb changing), you were also offered some resources from the Financial Wellbeing team.

Attendees seemed to love the student budget planners, so we want to let you know that you can get your hands on your own copy through Shepherds Friendly below!


Download a Student Budget Planner

How we can help you

If you need help working out what your housing related expenses will be, you can request an appointment with our Housing Advisor by emailing We can help you work out how much money you need in order to sign a contract and how much you will need once you move into your new home. We can also make sure that you are not being asked for any unfair charges.

If you need help with general budgeting or are having financial difficulties, you can contact to ask for a financial advice appointment. Financial Wellbeing staff will help assess your situation and let you know if you’re eligible for any extra funds. They can also help you create a budget.

Finally, we would like to reinforce our message: don’t rush into signing. Take your time, there is no need to sign a housing contract before Christmas and there will be plenty of properties available on HouseSearch come the new year.


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