Officer Accountability

At the Students’ Union, democracy is a core part of what we do. It underpins our officer roles, academic representation positions, and even student group committee members. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to engage with the democracy of the organisation, and part of democracy is being able to question and challenge those you have elected into leadership positions.

One of my manifesto aims was to bring the SU out of our building and into your spaces, part of this work revolves around greater transparency of our processes and the work that we do. We have developed a new webpage on the SU website to house all things surrounding Officer Accountability, as there are a number of different ways you as students can hold us to account.

Visit the Officer Accountability page

Officer Q&A

To ensure you have ample opportunity to hold your sabbatical officers to account, we have introduced ‘Ask the Officers’ where you can ask any question and gain a response from the relevant officer.

Every month, I will be organising an online Zoom Q&A session to answer the questions submitted. The first session is on Monday 8 March from 5:45pm-7:15pm and all students are welcome to attend. The event will be hosted by myself with other Officers attending as and when needed, dependent on the nature of the questions received.

If you would like to ask a question on anything related to the Students’ Union (such as the Advice Centre, student groups, sustainability, campaigns, academic representation, or governance, to name a few) or anything relating to our lobbying work with the University (anti-racism, quality of education, wellbeing support, personal tutors, or halls accommodation, to name a few), please submit this in advance of the meeting.

All questions submitted by Monday 1 March will be considered at this Q&A. Any questions submitted after this date will be considered at the next Q and A session, which will be in April. Questions are also able to be submitted at the Question and Answer session itself. If an immediate response is not able to be given, it will be noted and either answered via email within ten working days, or be included as part of the blog post (a written record of the Q&A session) which will be uploaded to the SU website within ten working days of the session occurring.

Ask a question

Final thoughts

Please do engage with our accountability processes, submit questions, and attend the Zoom Q&A session on 8 March to find out more about what we do as sabbatical officers. Democracy only works when the collective student body engages in the election and accountability of your leaders. If you would like to discuss officer accountability further, please email me at