SU Elections: Reasons to Run

The thought of putting yourself up for election can be pretty daunting. Planning a campaign, gathering votes and finding out the final results are all somewhat stomach churning.

But there’s more to nominating yourself than the nerve wrecking stuff – it is an incredibly rewarding experience too. So, why should you nominate yourself?

The chance to make a difference

It’s the backbone of every Officer’s manifesto. Having been a student first hand, you know what life is like at Royal Holloway - the good, the bad and the ugly. With this insight, you’ll have the power to change the way students live during their time here, by improving on existing services, and by creating brand new initiatives.

It’s your opportunity to affect massive change across an institution you care about. And better still, what you change is up to you. Depending on the position you go for, you’ll be able to set your own priorities and goals, making changes where you feel it’s appropriate.

A full-time job

There are plenty of benefits that come with being a Sabbatical Officer. For one, it’s a full time paid position for a whole year, (just over £24k, so definitely not shabby). You’ll also get the extra benefits of being a staff member – life insurance, pension contributions, paid annual leave, and all the other adult-y stuff. You can find details of all of these extras in the Job Descriptions.

Experience and opportunities

Being a Sabbatical Officer is an experience like no other. You might spend the morning running a pop up sexual health clinic, the afternoon attending a meeting which outlines College strategy, and the evening opening a new library. It’s a job with a huge amount of variety, with no two days being the same.

You’ll be on the Board of Trustees, with managerial authority over a charity with a turnover of over £5 million a year, and let’s be real, how many 21-year-olds can make that claim? You’ll have a huge number of opportunities thrown at your feet too, from training, to conferences, to project management. The life of a Sabb touches many skills.

Because you care

Ultimately, there should be one main reason why you want to run. Sure, the money’s good, and it’s a bit different, but those things pale in comparison to the big one.

The main reason you should run is because you care.

You care about the future of Royal Holloway and the Students’ Union. You care about the people who live and study here, about their education, their wellbeing, and their time on campus. And it’s because you care that you want to change things, to ensure that the life of every Royal Holloway student is the best it can be.

If all of this sounds like you, nominate yourself below!