As an unincorporated association our Trustees are legally responsible for everything the Union does - from the operation of our commercial outlets to the health and safety policies that govern our student groups. Our Trustee Board consists of a mixture of Sabbatical Officers, elected Student Trustees, and External Trustees who are experts in their fields. The Board meets every three months, with various subcommittees taking place between these dates. It is chaired by the SU President and supported by the Chief Executive (as senior advisor and secretary).  The following individuals are currently members of the Board of Trustees.

Sabbatical Officers

  • Jack O'Neill (Chair)
  • Kate Roberts
  • Lucy Simpson
  • Sophia Bolton
  • Dom Brown

Student Trustees

  • Hammad Chaudhry
  • Milo Dack
  • Niamh Smith

External Trustees

  • Fang Wei
  • Kirsten Daswani
  • Andrew McMenamin
  • Peter Elliot
  • Jane Broadbent