Refreshers Round-Up

Welcome back to all of you! After kick starting the Spring Term with Refreshers, it’s time to look back at some of the awesome things that took place and to look forward to the many more that we have planned for you this term.

It’s never easy to come back from the Christmas break to lectures, seminars and deadlines. So to ease you in, we had a full week of celebrations. Hopefully, you were able to dance it all off before getting back to your uni work.

What went down?

As we welcomed new and returning students back to College, our staff worked incredibly hard to organise a week full of activities, and we hope you had a blast. We hosted everything from day time events and fun socials, to nights full of music, dance and Bogies! It was a week packed with events where we had the pleasure of welcoming fantastic artists like Dick & Dom, Sigma, Loski & Digdat and The Kopycat Killers!



But, let’s be honest, a week like Refreshers would not be such a great event if it weren’t for the VK stats! So here’s the breakdown:

One week, 16 events, 8 artists and 10,148 VKs! That’s 423 full cases! You’ve outdone yourselves. 

Only a week like that could set you up for the amazing term that we’ve got planned for you. So, if you weren’t able to make it, there are plenty of things that you’ll be able to get involved with.

Missed Refreshers? Don’t worry.

Our Give It A Go programme is a great opportunity to de-stress from work, meet new people and simply have a lot of fun. We have plenty of events coming up this term so make sure you check them out here!

We run events every week, so there’s always a chance to go out, have some fun and learn new things. You can check everything we’ve got planned for second term here.

Here to help!

We understand that Spring Term is very important with dissertation deadlines coming up, so we want you to know that our professional advisers are here to help out if you feel like you’re struggling. Just drop an email to the Advice Centre and book an appointment with them!


We hope you had a great start to the new term and best of luck with your work!