Rep Impact Update: December 2020

It’s nearly the end of Term One, and what a term it’s been! Tons of things have been happening here at the Students' Union, and all the while, your academic reps have been working hard to represent your academic interests and improve your education!

Here’s what they’ve been up to this term.

PIRP PhD Rep, Scott Downham

  • Attended a meeting with the Deputy Principal to talk about the University’s Covid-19 measures, seeking feedback from students beforehand and closing the feedback loop afterwards by sending a summary of key points to their cohort
  • Set up a Google Doc to allow all postgraduate research students in the School of Law and Social Sciences to share their research interests to make connections and network

Year One LLB Course Rep, Charles Drake

  • Met with their course convenor to achieve the early release of lectures before the timetabled slot, allowing students to take more time in their lectures before attending the Q&A
  • Corrected information on Moodle and Talis pages, meaning students could find their books more easily

MA English Literature Course Rep, Olivia Jermy

  • Raised awareness of sexual health resources on campus, signposting students to the University’s sexual health resources page

MSc Economics and Finance Course Rep, Ronnie Krupa

  • Worked with the Economics department to adjust modules to include topics from modules that were no longer available due to Covid-19, allowing students to specialise in the subject they wanted – impacting their whole Economics class

School of Business and Management School Rep, Toby Bates

  • Sought clarity for Year Four students about the ‘Best 90’ scheme
  • Worked with staff to ensure high student engagement and support for group work
  • Worked with the IT department to remotely install essential software for a module
  • Supported first-year students with exam preparation

Year One Management Course Rep, Kayra Haznedaroglu

  • Introduced themselves in their lectures to ensure all students knew who their academic rep is
  • Created summaries of the learning materials and shared it with students
  • Supported students in learning how MS Teams work, how the course is structured, and in preparing for exams

Year Three Physics Course Rep, Joe Russell-Davis

  • Extended the deadline for a coursework project by a full week, positively impacting 40 students

Year Three Psychology Course Rep, Ivet Kancheva

  • Worked with their department rep to improve the visibility of reps, communication between reps and students, and awareness of the academic rep system
  • Carried out a survey to gather feedback on the supervision provided for an important project

Year Three Criminology and Psychology Course Rep, Licia Hitching

  • Requested that Criminology and Psychology academic reps be members of the Psychology department’s Staff-Student Committee, giving students an important voice in the department

Year Three Biology Course Rep, Joanna Nowak-Garcias

  • Improved communication between students and supervisors by working with the Head of Department and project heads

Year One Biological Sciences Course Rep, Mayuree Kumkar

  • Contacted their Head of Teaching to fix technical issues and miscommunication, request that videos were made available for students studying online and offered improvements to the running of MS Teams lectures

Biological Sciences Department Rep, Sophia Constantopoulos

  • Raised awareness of the use of personal pronouns in the School Life Sciences and the Environment, winning November’s Rep of the Month for her work

We’re blown away by the fantastic work of our star team of academic reps! If you’re an academic rep, let us know what you’re up to:

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