Rep Impact Update: Term One

We know academic reps do amazing things, and we want to shout about them so they can get the recognition they deserve!

It’s been a wild term at the SU and your academic reps have been busy making your voice heard on campus. We know reps do amazing things and we want to shout about them so they can get the recognition they deserve!

From passing on your feedback at Staff-Student Committees to starting study groups and planning socials, reps have been making positive changes that have been impacting every single student at Royal Holloway. Here’s a snapshot of what your reps have been up to:

  • Sophia Constantopoulos won Rep of the Month for her work setting up a programme for students to shadow researchers, as well as organising a revision session for students with a lecturer before the end of term. Read all about it here!
  • A Media Arts department rep organised a meeting between students, course reps and the Head of Admissions to discuss timetabling issues, which have now been fixed!
  • An Information Security course rep has been busy signposting students to the SU’s Advice Centre and communicating with staff on making lectures more accessible to international students.
  • A German course rep worked with their Head of Department to make class sizes smaller, so students received more attention from their tutor.
  • A CeDAS rep benefitted their whole class by reminding their lecturer to upload a PowerPoint on Moodle.
  • A Computer Science course rep met with their School Rep to work on the School’s backlog of attendance registers and ensured that no international student would be affected by unrecorded attendance.
  • Classics course reps worked with their tutor to implement more vocab-based tasks in the lessons prior to an exam, and improved the quality of the online resources for their class.

Congratulations to all these reps! We can’t wait to see what they do in term two. If you’re not sure who your reps are then you can use the find my rep tool to find yours.

If you’re an academic rep and want to be featured in the next post, make sure you’re submitting the stuff you’ve been doing here.