Rep of the Month: Kayleigh Fryer

Postgraduate Taught History course rep, Kayleigh Fryer, is our April Rep of the Month! From collecting and sharing student feedback with department staff to setting up rep office hours and helping to close the feedback loop, Kayleigh has been working hard to improve student experience.

To celebrate all the hard work and dedication of our Academic Reps, each month we highlight one rep who has really gone above and beyond to improve the experience of the students within their department.

Academic Reps are voluntary positions elected by you, the student body, and they exist with a specific remit to represent you and give you a voice in your educational experience. Individually and across the four levels, these reps achieve a large number of positive changes to students’ education on a regular basis. 

Postgraduate Taught History course rep, Kayleigh Fryer, has been recognised as Rep of the Month for April. Keep reading to hear from Kayleigh!

Why did you want to become a rep?

I wanted to be a rep when I started university because I’ve always been involved in student voice. l enjoy talking to students, ensuring their voices are heard, and making sure the feedback loop is closed and change is made.

What are your plans for the rest of the term?

Teaching has ended for the rest of the term, but I still have assignments to complete and the course rep role continues as student feedback is still taken seriously. I will also be creating the staff-student committee digest from last term’s meetings to help close the feedback loop.

How do you see being a rep impacting your future?

There are so many skills to gain by putting yourself out there and talking to people. You learn to communicate with different groups of people and the stakeholders you work with as an academic rep. The role will impact my future by providing me with skills I can carry into life after I finish my time at university.

What’s the best thing about being a rep?

The best thing about being a course rep is knowing you can make a difference when you put in the work which can really help to improve the academic experience for students.