Representing You, Wherever We Go

President Jack O'Neill brings you an update on what was discussed at Joint Exec, as our Sabbatical Officers discussed various items and received updates from the College Executive team.

Jack O'Neill, SU President

Representing you…wherever we go!

We are all finding new ways of working, and current events certainly aren’t putting a stop on all of the work we are doing to represent you! Earlier today, we had a Joint Exec meeting with the College senior team to discuss current issues.

What is Joint Exec?

This is our opportunity to discuss various items, and receive various updates from the College Executive team. It happens once every month or so and is a really great space for us Officers to use and lobby for key interests! The meeting is jointly chaired by myself and the Principal, Professor Paul Layzell – so basically, we take it in turns to chair the meetings!

Obviously our meeting today was slightly different as everyone was joining the meeting virtually – an exciting challenge!

photo of the virtual Joint Exec meeting, featuring President Jack O'Neill and Principal Paul Layzell

Virtual: Today's Joint Exec meeting featuring VP Sport Dom Brown (top left), Principal Paul Layzell (bottom left), and President Jack O'Neill (bottom right)

What did we raise?

First and foremost, we received an update from the College Exec team on the College response to coronavirus. This involved updates on what is happening to core services – such as food outlets, the library, and other facilities – as well as the changes to academic matters. Some of the key points we pushed for were:

  • Housing – ensuring that students are supported and provided the reassurance on their housing situation, whether this be in halls or in private accommodation.
  • Communication – making sure that students know who to contact about different issues. With everything going on, we know how important it is for you to be hearing from the right people and feeling confident in the messaging you are receiving.
  • Education – over the last week, it has been super that we have seen extensions for some deadlines, and a change in how exams will work. We still want to see further extensions applied for more students and ensure that the value of degrees will be safeguarded.

We also wanted to update the College on some of the amazing efforts that you are all making to ensure that our community stays strong. Over the last few days, over 1600 of you have joined Royal Hideaway and we have also seen some innovative and engaging ways that you are all keeping in contact and keeping spirits high. This is wonderful to see and keeps us all going!

Join Hideaway

Come rain or shine, physical meetings or virtual – we will keep representing you!

Jack O'Neill // President