Blog: Royal Holloway Trampolining Take Home Seven Medals

The team was unphased (mostly) by the super early start this weekend and we managed to bring our A-game! Together we took home SEVEN MEDALS! Every single competitor improved on their previous score from the Bristol competition last month.

Richard Jenkin and Olivia Tonkin took home a pair of SILVER medals for their synchronized performance at SS3. Gerald Elder-Vass and his Cambridge synchro partner achieved BRONZE at SS1.

Richard Jenkin received a SILVER medal in SUTL 6 Men.

Emma Broadley beautifully bounced for a GOLD medal in SUTL 5 Women.

Daniel Jones blew everyone away for his GOLD medal in SUTL 3 Men.

Gerald Elder-Vass received a SILVER medal in SUTL 1 Men.

The entire team had an amazing weekend and we couldn't be more proud of our club! A great big thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible and for everyone's support. GO BEARS!