SU Elections: Meet the Candidates

Find out who is running to become your new Sabbatical Officers, School Reps and NUS Delegates for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Manifestos and headshots submitted, it’s finally time to announce the official candidate shortlist for this year’s SU Elections.

Our candidates are striving to drive change and make a difference by being the voice of students on campus, and they will soon be campaigning to secure your vote for our four full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, as well as our part-time School Rep and NUS Delegate positions.

Meet the candidates


  • Luke Barrowman
  • Alissa Chohan
  • Remi Gruszka
  • Henn Warwick

Vice President Education

  • Rida Haider
  • Maia Jarvis
  • Sathwik Pajjuri
  • Katharina Schulze
  • Niamh Smith

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

  • Alice Finnegan
  • Alice Goode

Vice President Societies & Sport

  • Lucy Brown
  • Zak Craig
  • Kayleigh Fryer
  • Alex Parry
  • James Shannon
  • Evie Skyrme

NUS Delegate

  • Toby Bates
  • Milo Dack
  • James Giles
  • Maciej Pawlik
  • Henn Warwick

School Rep (Business & Management)

  • Toby Bates
  • Katie Phillips

School Rep (Electronic, Physical & Mathematical Sciences)

  • Joshua Yewman

School Rep (Humanities)

  • Ananya Krishna
  • Katie Upton

School Rep (Life Sciences & the Environment)

  • Leia Davies-Vale
  • Freya Fulcher
  • Rida Haider
  • Christina Michalopoulou

School Rep (Law & Social Sciences)

  • Nalissa Wilkinson

School Rep (Performing & Digital Arts)

  • Olivia Earl


Every position within the election also has a candidate listed as re-open nominations, or R.O.N. for short. This role is a way for you to declare that you don't feel any of the candidates would be fit for office and you instead feel nominations should be re-opened at a later date to allow new candidates to come forward.

Read the candidate manifestos

Voting information

Voting opens at 9am on Monday 22 March, and closes on Wednesday 24 March at 4pm, with the eagerly anticipated Results Night taking place the same night, as you find out who you’ve chosen to lead the Students’ Union in 2021/22.

Candidate Question Time

Across the week commencing Monday 15 March, we'll be gathering on Zoom for Candidate Question Time as our candidates take to the metaphorical stage and answer questions submitted by you. You’re able to submit questions to ask the candidates questions yourself. After all, the whole elections process is designed to enable you to have your say on who will represent your interests as a student at Royal Holloway, so it's only fair that you're given a chance to get involved.

Submit a question

While we’ll do our best to ask your question, we cannot guarantee this due to time constraints on the night. Please also note that for your question to be considered, it must be aimed at all candidates standing for the respective position. We will not accept any questions aimed at a particular candidate or that apply to a specific point in an individual’s manifesto.