SU Main Hall Upgrade

You’ve heard about Medicine, you’ve heard about Tommy’s Kitchen (and the toilets), and now it’s time for the Students' Union main hall to get in on the action.

It’s a summer of investment here at the SU and we’ve got some more good news to share with you, which will be music to the ears of our performance-based societies. We've installed a new stage and we're carrying out a number of other upgrades to give you the facilities you deserve!

Dance, pictured performing at Laurels Awards 2018, are one of a number of societies who will benefit from our main hall upgrades

What’s New?

A new stage

Yes that's right! After countless foam and paint parties across the years, our stage was looking a bit worse for wear and becoming quite unpleasant for societies to perform on. We have therefore invested into the refurbishment of the stage and it is looking fresh! #StageComplete

Performance stairs

In the past we haven’t previously owned a full set of performance stairs to allow easy access on and off the stage. Quite a simple fix for this one - we'll be purchasing a brand new set. #MovingOnUp

Stage curtains

When you think of curtains, you'd probably expect them to serve their basic function of opening and closing properly, right? Well ours didn't and that quite frankly isn't good enough. They also looked horrible and faded, so next month we'll be getting a brand new stage curtain installed. #PulledOurselvesTogether

Choir mics

Performing with a handheld microphone or headset can be a right pain in the backside. In a bid to allow performers to perform more freely, we've installed choir mics onto the stage. These will also be beneficial for other events such as big band performances and orchestras. #HandsFree

Stage washes

We have installed washes to the front of the stage, allowing more front light for performances and productions. #Lit

Tech balcony spruce up

One that most of you won't see but it will please our fabulous tech & event staff. The tech balcony has had a light refurbishment, with the floor given some much needed TLC, along with a fresh coat of paint to the walls. #CrewLove

Further Upgrades

This one isn't specific to the main hall but it's something that will majorly benefit all of you who attend our club nights. We’ve bought a top of the range ID scanner for the entrance on function nights, which will significantly improve the security operation – and speed up queues for guest sign in.

This is all part of our long term plan, and a committment to your university experience, as we continue to implement changes highlighted from your Rate Your Union feedback.

Let the good times roll!