Share your Feedback on SU Security

It's time to have your say on SU security. SU President Maia Jarvis has launched a survey to gather your feedback on the security in our venues. Whether you join us for a night out at Medicine, The Packhorse, or the Union Venue, let us know about your experience.

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Photo of the crowd at the Union Venue. Text reads SU Security Survey, Have Your Say.

Since I was a student, I’ve heard talk about how security in Students' Union late-night venues could be improved. When I campaigned to be President, I promised I would do a full review of the security service to ensure you feel safe and welcome in our venues.

I’m really excited to deliver on my manifesto point and launch the SU Security Survey. If you’ve been to one of our night outs this year at Medicine or the Union Venue or visited The Packhorse, please do fill it out and encourage all your friends to as well!

Complete the survey

I know student safety is such an important topic and it's one of our top priorities here at the Students’ Union. Since September 2022, we have had a new security service working in our late-night venues and I want to hear your thoughts in the survey so we can pass on your feedback and work with the team to ensure you feel safe on nights out.

Student safety was the main theme of our ‘Rate Your Union’ survey last summer so we will analyse the results of this security-specific survey in conjunction with those findings. I plan to create a robust action plan based on all your feedback and I am really excited to hear your thoughts and do this work to improve SU nights out.

To say thank you for your time and feedback, we'll enter you into a prize draw where you could win £50 or £100. Not only will you be helping us to improve students' experience, but you could also pocket some cash. There are 2x £50 and 1x £100 prizes up for grabs - who doesn't like free money!?

If you have any further questions about the survey, feel free to contact me at If you would like to report a specific incident at one of our venues, please contact