Society Awards 2020 Round-Up

VP Societies & Media Sophia Bolton summarises an incredible night as we celebrated our societies and media outlets with the first-ever Society Awards on Saturday night.

On Saturday night we took some time to recognise some amazing individuals, as well as some fantastic achievements and groups, at our first-ever Society Awards.

Every single group has had such a strong year so far so it’s only fitting we commemorated this all together. For me, attending events like this was the highlight of my year every year as a student. These awards hold such great prestige amongst the student body - to be able to stand on stage celebrating each and everyone one of you was truly the biggest privilege of my life.

It’s certainly been a crazy year. To all of you, your hard work and dedication to your groups, as well as to each other, has inspired me no end this year. I believe – but of course I am biased – that societies and media outlets are the best thing about coming to Royal Holloway. Regardless of awards, every single one of you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. Thank you so much for electing me to lead you this year, this job has truly been a blessing and I hope whoever leads you guys next year appreciates just how lucky they are. Apologies for being an emotional mess and here’s to making the rest of the year just as fantastic!

Check out all of the photos below!


Society Awards 2020 Roll Of Honour - Group Awards

Fundraising and Campaigning - Games Society (Winner), Absolute Harmony (Highly Commended)

Community Shield - Sikh Society (Winner), Dance Society (Highly Commended)

Skills & Employability Cup - Photography Society (Winner), African-Caribbean Society (Highly Commended)

Best Event - Politics and International Relations Society (Winner), Fashion Society, Photography Society & Refugee Society (Highly Commended)

Sarah Parker Remond Inclusion and Accessibility Award - Absolute Harmony (Winner), Women of Colour Collective (Highly Commended)

Best New Society - Rock and Metal Society (Winner), Pokémon Society (Highly Commended)

Most Improved Society - Art Society (Winner), Holloway Players (Highly Commended)

Spotlight Award - Absolute Harmony (Winner)

Society of the Year (Academic) - History Society

Society of the Year (Creative Arts) - Absolute Harmony

Society of the Year (Activity and Interest) - Games Society

Society of the Year (Faith and Cultural) - African-Caribbean Society

Society of the Year (Media) - Orbital Magazine

Society of the Year (Political and Ideological) - Amnesty International 

Society of the Year - Absolute Harmony

Society Awards 2020 Roll Of Honour - Individual Awards

Vice President's Cup - Flossie Roberts (Winner), Daniel Looseley & Sorrel Wilson (Highly Commended)



Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media