Strobe-Free SU Nights Confirmed

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now offering strobe-free nights at the SU, following the passing of a Bright Idea, submitted by student Ana Patterson.

What’s The Story?

Back in 2016 we launched our Bright Ideas platform to ensure that all of your ideas on how to improve your university experience can be heard and put into practice. Since then, the Union has unquestionably grown thanks to your ideas and we have been able to improve the resources and experiences that we provide for our members.

Out of the multiple ideas that were submitted and passed over last term, the one we’ve been working on most recently is ensuring we can offer a more inclusive environment for those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. Through this, we hope to expand the number of students that are able to enjoy our events and feel safe at the same time.

The original Bright Idea submitted by Ana which was actioned after receiving more than 50 interactions

Putting The Idea Into Action

Ana, who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, recently met with our Head of Trading Services to raise her concerns before meeting with our Venue Technician to check out the lighting system and test what she felt most comfortable with.

After this very successful meeting, we’re very happy to announce the different events and venues that will be strobe free, which also included Toast in Da Bungalow ft. Dick & Dom, our first club night of 2019.

We kicked off the year with a strobe-free SU for Toast in Da Bungalow ft. Dick & Dom

Strobe-Free Events

Strobe-Free Venues

Tommy’s Kitchen: Strobe-free environment at all times!

As highlighted above (and by the creation of Bright Ideas in the first place), we're always keen to act on student suggestions. If you also want to make change and positively impact your life at Royal Holloway, make sure to submit your awesome ideas below.

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