The Big Wins Of Term One

It’s been a pretty busy term here at the Students’ Union - your Officers have been hard at work with the staff team to bring you some excellent successes over the last 12 weeks, delivering events, campaigns, and changes to student life at Royal Holloway.

Investing in your future

First up is a project that doesn’t just affect the campus, it affects the entire world. Your President Clem Jones has scored a major win in his latest environmentalism campaign, securing an audience with Mercer, the group that has been hired to address the college’s investment policy. Clem and a student activist were able to inform the way the College will choose to invest their money, and this will hopefully mean that they’ll no longer be investing in fossil fuels!



The (not so) Secret Seven

Socieites form a fundamental part of your extra-curricular activities at university, and this term Holly Hughes, VP Societies and Media, and the Student Opportunities Committee have been able to ratify the most societies ever in a term. From term two, there will be seven whole new societies for you to join!

Societies A-Z



Digital democracy

For the first time ever, we took the Academic Rep Elections online! This standardised system has allowed us to have a much better oversight of the academic representation system, and has given us access to crucial data on how to keep improving. It’s a massive step forward for ensuring our democratic structures are the very best they can be. We've also named our first ever Academic Rep of the Month - a brand new initiative created following our democracy review.



Vive la council tax revolution!

We’re all about fighting for your rights here at the SU, and we believe that as students, you shouldn’t have to pay council tax. We’ve been fighting the council on this for a while now, and after a significant amount of legal research and planning, we’ve managed to get a joint letter signed by Willow Wong, VP Welfare & Diversity, and Paul Layzell, College Principal. This letter will be our next step in lobbying the council to stop unfairly taxing students.


Feeding in and feeding back

Providing feedback to the College on their services is a crucial part of what we do. Based on this, we’ll be taking reps from the Equalities Council with us to meet with the College’s Wellbeing services including Disability and Dyslexia, and Counselling. VP Welfare and Diversity Willow Wong has done a great job making sure that student voice is at the top of the College’s priorities, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the forum will develop next term.



Sport, sport, sport!

Like societies, our sports clubs play a massive part in the lives of many Royal Holloway students, which is why it’s always a topic on our agenda. This term we hosted Big Bears Wednesday, where we went all out for our highest number of home fixtures this term. With staff and students coming down to cheer on the Bears, we were able to engage with people who usually spend their Wednesday afternoons elsewhere, so we’re all very grateful for the support you showed our teams!

Sports A-Z



Onwards and upwards

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. From commuting students research to Freshers’ Festival, it’s been a term of variety, excitement and progress across the board. Everyone at the SU is buzzing for next term, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll be getting up to in the new year!