The Pad & Podium Accommodation: Urgent Message

Following last week's letter from President Jack O'Neill and University Principal Professor Paul Layzell, we are pleased to announce that private accommodation provider Scape (The Pad and Podium) will be allowing early termination of contracts to avoid paying the final instalment.

Jack O'Neill, President

Last week, we updated you all on some of the actions we were taking to represent your interests when it comes to housing during these challenging times – one of these included a letter from myself and Professor Paul Layzell sent to all private landlords and private hall providers.

You can read the full update here, but essentially, the letter was calling for private accommodation providers to recognise the current challenges that students are facing, and to approach the situation sensitively and with respect, providing students with the option to terminate their contracts early and avoid paying a final instalment.

I am really pleased that we have seen direct action follow this, with private halls provider, Scape, informing students that they do have the option to opt out of their contract early, without any financial penalty. This is a fantastic win and ensures that students will not have to pay for an empty room if they have decided not to stay!

For all those living in The Pad or Podium, whether you remain there or have moved out, you have to inform them of your decision by 9 April, by sending an email to  Within this email, you need to outline what your intentions are along with your full name, building and room number – you should also detail if you have any remaining possessions in your room or not.

The options are as follows:

Already left?

You must confirm this in writing to Scape by 9 April – this will mean that you do not have to pay the final rent instalment and you will no longer need to find a replacement for your room. There will be no financial penalties for surrendering your room.

Intending to leave?

If you are intending to leave your room then you must inform them by 9 April. Similarly to above, this will mean that you don’t need to find a replacement for your room, you will not have to pay the final rent instalment, and there will be no financial penalty.

Scape have asked that if you are able to remove all of your belongings then please do so. If you aren’t able to do so yourself, they have outlined further options in the email to you about storage and nominating someone else to collect your things.

Planning on staying?

If you do intend to stay in your room in The Pad or The Podium, then you are able to do so and are required to make your final instalment as usual.

Want to vacate the room but leave your belongings there?

If you do not intend to stay at The Pad & Podium past the end of your current instalment, but would like to keep your belongings in your room, Scape is offering you a reduced rent fee of 25% off your final rental instalment, with your contract remaining in place. This allows you to come back at a later date to collect all of your belongings before your contract end date. This needs to be communicated to Scape by 9 April

For more information, please visit Scape's website below and read their full update. 

Read Scape's full update