This Royal Holloway Girl Can

Last week, we kicked, lifted, sprinted, and jiggled for This Girl Can! VP Societies and Sport Hannah Hockin takes you through the campaign at Royal Holloway.

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Last week, we kicked, lifted, sprinted, and jiggled for This Girl Can!

This Girl Can is a national campaign to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds getting active. The campaign aims to encourage every woman to get moving (in whatever way they wish) without fear of judgment. 

In support of This Girl Can, Royal Holloway Sport offered a number of additional active sessions and exercise classes for those who identify as a woman. There was a range of different sessions such as Lacrosse, Netball, and Learn to Lift! We also promoted quieter times at the gym to give anyone who doesn't want to queue, or feels conscious about other people watching or waiting to use the equipment, the opportunity to work out!

Throughout the week, we shone the light on a range of different student group members, celebrating their achievements and why they take part in their activity. Student groups also took part in the campaign by running their own social media campaigns.


We also wanted to hear feedback from students that identify as a woman! Royal Holloway Sport opened a survey for suggestions for how women could be encouraged to participate in physical activity and sport.

At the end of the week, I also ran a session on Breaking Down Barriers in Sport for Women. The session covered personal, practical, and social and cultural barriers that women face. It was incredibly insightful to talk about some of the barriers women have unfortunately experienced at Royal Holloway and to discuss how we as your SU and Sport can support women!