Why You Should Be A Nominee For Student Trustee

During elections, it can be quite overwhelming with all the information that's out and about. Lots of people often talk about the Sabbatical Officer positions and there is a lot of buzz around who will win. The Student Trustee role can often be overlooked, however, this is one of the most important roles for the Students’ Union, and students on campus.

So what exactly is a Student Trustee?

This role gives any student the opportunity to sit on the Board of trustees, the board make decisions about how the SU operates. Lots of very important decisions are made here and the role will give you an insight in the process the board goes through.

Your role as a Student Trustee is to simply bring student opinion to the discussion and make sure that when the Students' Union makes decisions, that they are in the best interest of students at Royal Holloway.

Big decisions that have recently been discussed include the way The Packhorse should be ran, oversight of the Union Shop movement to the EWD Building and the future Summer Ball plans.

The role will give you many new skills and great experiences, you will also get to work with our fantastic external trustees who will always be there to support you.

The role really is a highlight of the SU and you can learn more about it from one of our current trustees, Rachelle Jiongco.



 Why did you stand?

Having worked on Helpdesk for the past two years, I wanted to gain a further insight in how the SU operated and whilst doing so, represent the student’s voice of Royal Holloway. I thought it would also be a really valuable experience working with and learning from the Officers, as well as the Union staff who run our SU.

What do you enjoy about the role?

It is so fascinating being part of the decision-making process, more importantly, making sure the SU make good ones that will benefit fellow students. It is also very interesting hearing the opinions of lots of different people on the board and their ideas on how the SU should operate. Campaigning for the role was also something I’d never done before and was so enjoyable!

Do you feel included in the decisions made?

Definitely. It is so important for the Board to hear the opinions of students in the room as most of the decisions discussed and made are student-related. The head of the board ensures all opinions are voiced!

What would you say to someone who is thinking of running?

The idea of running for the role may seem daunting at first, but it is such a valuable experience where you’ll be in the centre of the decision-making process in the SU.

I’ve developed skills I wouldn’t have received anywhere else and I know much more about the charity sector now. You’re fully supported and it’s so easy to speak to someone if you need help as everyone is so approachable! One final thing – be fun and get creative with your campaigns!

You can learn more about the role of student trustees here, and put yourself forward by going to the elections site.

Deadline for nominations is Midday Friday 2 February.