Why You Should Run in the SU Elections

We’re here to tell you all about the benefits of running for one of our four paid, full-time sabbatical officer roles, or our part-time school rep and NUS Delegate positions.

You might be forgiven for forgetting about the SU Elections, given the wider conversations around election results right now, but we’re here to remind you about the arguably more important opportunity of getting your voice heard in the next academic year.

Nominations are now open for our four paid, full-time sabbatical officer roles, as well as our part-time school rep and NUS Delegate positions. If you’re not sure what the benefits of running in an election are (let alone the benefits of winning) then keep on reading and hopefully we can twist your arm to take that first step.

Meet some fab people (virtually!) in the process

No, we’re not just bigging up the permanent staff team who are here to support candidates throughout the process. Running as a candidate alongside over 30 other students gives you a network of people experiencing the exact same thing as you. We can guarantee you’ll finish with some new friends by the end of elections season.

You’ll learn a lot

We’ll be running development sessions throughout the lead up to voting to make sure you have the best set of skills to run your campaign. We’ll be covering areas like project management, social media, and public speaking to help you get your point across. Alongside that, you’ll also discover more about your personal values and the experiences of other students. The more people you talk to, the more you’ll learn!

Guaranteed job at the end of it

If you put yourself forward as a candidate for one of the sabbatical officer positions, you are competing for paid work for a full year. It’s not very often you hear “guaranteed job” in any context, but particularly in a global pandemic. Someone has to get the job at the end of the election, so you might as well give it a crack, right?

Making a genuine difference

These roles are all about making positive change to the student body. Whether you run to be a school rep, a sabbatical officer, or an NUS delegate, you’ll be influencing and lobbying to improve the student experience. Making positive changes to people’s lives is one of the best feelings in the world and we can’t wait to find the next group of people to do that with!

And if you win…

You’ll get a guaranteed year of representing students across the University. And, if you run to be a sabbatical officer, you’ll be a paid, full-time member of staff (did we mention that already?). You could be attending meetings with students, lobbying the University in the interests of students, or organising fun campaigns, you’ve just got to get past the scariest part – putting your name forward!

Sound interesting? Nominations for the SU Elections are open now – get more info or nominate yourself below. If in doubt, drop an email to natalie.bates@su.rhul.ac.uk.

Nominations close at 4pm on Friday 12 February.

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