Driver Information.

Mileage and Fuel

For Union Bus bookings your club or society will be charged 30p per mile for the fuel used during your journey. There is no need for you to refuel the bus at the end of your journey.

If you do need to refuel in the middle of your journey, only fill up by the amount you think you will use. Please attach a copy of the receipt to the Hire Form so that you won’t get charged twice for fuel. You will need to take a photo of the receipt to send to Student Opportunities so your expense claim can be authorised.

For Kendall Bus bookings you will need to refuel the bus to same level indicated at the start of your journey. If you do not, Kendall will charge significant fuel fees to your club.

ALL the minibuses take diesel.


All those authorised to drive the Union Bus must comply with the requirements of the driving and vehicle safety policy. To view the policy please download the document below:

In each of the SU vehicles, there is a log book located in the central dashboard. This has to be completed at the beginning and the end of the journey. Please note that hired vehicles DO NOT have a log book.

Accidents and Damages

You will be responsible for any new damage found on the bus when it is returned for the SU and your club or society will be charged for repair accordingly. Before you start your journey you must complete the Hire Form that will be given with the keys. On this, you must declare any accidents or damage to the bus that occurs during your hire. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge to your club or society. Any accidents that you are at fault for, your club or society will be charged the excess payment of the insurance claim and you will be required to retake the Union Bus test. If you are at fault in a second accident, you will no longer be allowed to drive the Union Bus.

If you are in an accident, please contact the SU Helpdesk on 01784 276700 immediately. If it is outside opening hours, please email and contact Founders Security.

Before driving the Union Bus, make sure to check out the charges that you or your club or society may be charged for any offences committed: