Part 1: Monday 7 June - Friday 18 June 2021

Part 2: TBC

Online via Zoom

Welcome to Student Group Training 2021! Congratulations on being elected into your roles, you have taken the first step in being valuable student leaders which will set the direction for your student group over the next 12 months. We hope that you are excited for the year ahead, relish this opportunity and enjoy your time, as you will learn so much.

What's Student Group Training all about?

Part One - Over the two-week period in June, we will be giving you the information you need to get through the summer as a committee and prepare for the beginning of term one. We go over all the basics from how to put on events, to how to spend your group funds. The first week will be a series of compulsory training sessions that will be essential in getting you ready for the year ahead. We have listed below which roles the sessions are mandatory for, although other committee members are also welcome to attend. The second week will be various optional sessions aimed at more specific areas of running a student group. The optional sessions are open to anyone but we have listed below who the sessions are aimed at to help with knowing which ones to attend.

Part Two - In September/October, we will provide some additional sessions going over vital information relevant to the term. There will be a refresher from Part One and some role-specific sessions giving you all the essential information needed to be successful in your role. 

Sessions will be delivered via Zoom and will be recorded and made available afterwards. There will also be opportunities to ask lots of questions in each session, so make sure you engage, take notes and don’t be afraid to ask us anything! 

Part One

7 June - 18 June


  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Running your Sports Club
  • Running your Society
  • Running your Media Outlet
  • Treasurer Training


  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Inclusivity & Diversity
  • Getting the most out of your year
  • Events & Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Q&A Drop-In
  • Committee Cafe
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Part Two


  • Part One refresher
  • Treasurer refresher
  • Captains Training
  • Welfare Secretary Training
  • Productions 
  • Academic Societies
  • Media Law

Sign Up.

To get the Zoom link for each session, and to help give us a heads up on numbers, please sign up to Student Group Training using the link below.

Part 1 sessions.

Introduction to Leadership: This session will introduce new committee members to their role in student groups and within the Students’ Union. It will also outline what leadership means in a student group and how you can develop this within your role. (Presidents)

Running Your Sports Club: This session will outline what term one might look like for your sports club, give you a timeline of all the key dates over the next few months and outline some key processes you will need to know for the summer. We will also discuss any admin tasks which will be useful for you including event proposal forms, coaching forms and kit orders. (Club Presidents, Captains)

Running Your Society: This session will cover the key information to be able to operate in term one. This includes the processes involved in putting on events, and an overview of what space is available to use and how you can access it throughout the term. We will also discuss other admin tasks that will be useful to know and what to expect during Freshers' Festival. (Society Presidents, Secretaries)

Running Your Media Outlet: This session will provide you with an introduction to media law, what it means to be a media outlet head and how you will work with the Students’ Union. We will also discuss some of the key processes and policies that you need to be aware of. (Media Outlet Heads)

Treasurer Training: This session will provide all treasurers with a detailed understanding of their responsibilities and the processes involved with student group finances. This includes how the different accounts work, how you can spend money using expense claims, invoices and purchase requests, and how money can be paid into your group account. This session will also go over how you can apply for funding from the Students’ Union, and explain how to create a budget sheet and set your membership prices. (Treasurers)

Mental Health Awareness: This session aims to reduce stigma around mental health and empower students to be able to create open discussions and a more inclusive environment for people to be able to talk about their own mental health experiences. We’ll talk about how prevalent mental health is in universities, symptoms you may spot in your student group and some useful skills and signposting resources. (Welfare Secretaries)

Inclusivity & Diversity: This session will cover ways that you can make your group accessible to all and how you can support and empower members from diverse backgrounds to get involved with your activities. (Presidents, Welfare Secretaries, Inclusivity roles)

Getting the most out of your year: This session will focus on how you can make the most of being a committee member, what opportunities you can take advantage of, and how to plan for the year ahead. We’ll give some top tips for having a successful Freshers’ Festival, key dates to bear in mind, and how you can leave a legacy for your group. (Any committee role)

Events & Fundraising: This session will cover top tips for your event planning and all the information needed for a successful event. We’ll also go over the basics of charity law and fundraising regulations so you know all the do’s and don’ts of fundraising. We'll also talk about ideas for events and fundraising to help get you started with your planning. (Event and Charity roles)

Social Media: This session will cover all the do’s and don’ts of using social media for your group. We’ll talk about the best platforms to use and their different functionalities and some tips on how you can promote your activity and create your own brand. We’ll also discuss the social media policy and some key things to be aware of. (Social Media roles)

Q&A Drop-In: Come along and ask any questions that you’ve been thinking about over the week. (Any committee role)

Committee Cafe: Come along to a Committee Cafe to meet up with committee members from any student group - an open support space to talk and collaborate with your peers. This space is for you to pop along for a virtual catch-up with your peers on other committees to discuss any ideas you may have, seek support and ask any questions. (Any committee role)


If you have any access requirements, please email with details of how we can make this experience better for you.