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As the Liberal Arts Society, we hope to add a strong sense of community spirit to Royal Holloway. This society is a great place for all students to come together and develop their knowledge and skills but also to have fun!

Our main purpose as a society is to welcome all students to a fun and creative environment and to encourage a stronger connection between Liberal Arts students, the School of Humanities and the Careers Centre. Our events will be a place where Liberal Arts students can get to know each other better outside of the classroom environment and also interact with other students across other departments they also study in.

We hope to see you soon!


We only have one membership level which will get you access to all events, as well as discounts to any larger-scale events (End of Year Balls etc.)! However, we have provided the option of either purchasing a full-year membership or purchasing through termly instalments.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year we hope to host:

  • Get to know the committee: instagram takovers
  • Coffee and Chat Crossland Meet-ups
  • Opportunities to chat with LA alumni
  • Events in collaboration with the careers department: selling your LA degree on your CV etc.
  • Opportunity to purchase LASoc merch
  • The Christmas Ball
  • Academic Support Sessions - Study with us in the Library
  • Medicine Takeovers
  • Pub Socials
  • Lots of Collaborations with other Societies

Charity and Fundraising

As a society, we would love to create a strong connection with a chosen charity through regular fundraising events. We would like to host a vote at the beginning of the year to decide this charity so if you have a charity in mind please contact us through either our socials or email.

We would also like to endorse the use of the app 'Moves' which allows societies within a university to redeem rewards and raise money for charity. 

Contact Us

The Liberal Arts Committee are so excited to welcome you to the society this year! Please follow us on all our socials to keep up to date with what we are doing, and use these to get in touch with us! 

No elections are currently running


  • Liberal Arts Standard Membership (Full Year)£7.00
  • Liberal Arts Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£5.00
Samantha Knowles
Katie Upton
Social Coordinator
Izzy Usmar
Maia Gray