The Students' Union Royal Holloway University of London (SURHUL) is a registered charity (Registered No: 1141998)

''Our mission is to provide outstanding representation and services that promote active and constant participation''.

The Students’ Union actively represents the students of Royal Holloway University of London and promotes your needs and interests by offering Employment, Participation, Bars & Entertainment, Support & Advice, your Clubs & Societies, Catering, Transport, Volunteering, Campaigning and Advocacy.  All of which complement your academic study, ensuring that your University experience is the best that it can be.

From the huge range of clubs and societies available, to writing articles for the student media; from participating in democratic procedures at a General Meeting, to seeking advice & representation from our academic and welfare services; from actively partaking in a campaign, to working in one of our commercial venues, the Students’ Union is always a hive of activity.

Student Group Elections 2021

This election period will elect all the student leaders within our Student Groups. Covering sports clubs, societies and media outlets committees. If you are a current student and a member of any group you can stand and vote for the committee for the coming year.

834 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Friday 30 April 2021 (in 13 days)

The polls open at 10:00 on Tuesday 4 May 2021 (in 2 weeks and 3 days)

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