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Newly formed in 2019, Art History Society has something for everyone. If you have an interest in Art, including architecture, film, paintings and more, this is perfect for you.

Through exploring Art History, this society spreads over areas by incorporating elements of psychology, languages and other humanities, to name a few.

Although things will be different this year, we are aiming to provide some key events such as the Christmas meal and private screenings of the archives or exhibitions held on campus.

We will continue to provide a range of socially distanced activities, like subsidised trips to galleries and talks, practical art sessions and casual social events. Some of these may also be held virtually, such as film screenings, general meetings and freshers fair.

We are committed to giving our members the best experience by offering discounted rates for trips and access to all resources and events we run.


As a society, we offer a standard membership price which will include access to any events run virtually or socially distanced, as well as subsidised prices for any exhibitions or talks we advertise.

For term one and term two, the membership price will be the same. This membership also extends to any online gallery visits or speakers that we are able to secure virtually.

This year, we aim to increase volunteering and study experiences for those who are interested in exploring the sector itself, so this membership will also secure access to the contacts that we are able to provide and expand upon.

We aim to provide a mix of social, academic and career opportunities throughout the year for our members and are welcome to any feedback and ideas.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year, we will be hosting a variety of events in person, socially distanced and online. We are aiming to run virtual events, including:

  • Virtual gallery tours
  • Casual meetings with other members and online ‘pub quizzes’
  • Netflix parties for film screenings
  • Talks by staff or outside speakers on different areas of Art History and careers

Some socially distanced events include:

  • Regular social activities such as Pictionary, craft sessions, movie nights and more
  • Visits to the archives or exhibitions

This is just a few of the events we aim to run, so please do contact us if you have any further ideas or suggestions!

Contact Us

We are very excited to get to know all of the new members and anyone interested in Art History, so we have created a WhatsApp and Facebook messenger group for anyone to join.

If you have any questions or would like to get a feel for what we are planning to get up to, please do follow the link below to join the Whatsapp group, and message the Facebook page to get added to the group!

If you are unable to join these, please do get in touch with us at and we will accommodate for any changes.

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Nominations close at 16:00 on Monday 27 May 2024 (in 4 days and 5 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Tuesday 28 May 2024 (in 4 days and 23 hours)





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