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About us

The RHUL Art Society is a space and community where students of Royal Holloway can create, share, discuss and explore the visual arts.

Whether you doodle in your lecture notes, or you're the next Gentileschi or Picasso , this is the society for you! Come along to one of our sessions and let your creativity flow! We welcome students from any background, course, and degree of artistic skill.

Throughout the year we will also be hosting various social events (both virtually and physically), ranging from drawing sessions to movie nights! We're also welcome to working with other societies for collaboration sessions - this year we've had a successful collaborations with GameSoc, Witchcraft Society, Mentality, Craft Society, Humans Vs Zombies, Feminist Society, the RHUL Culture Team, the Student Union and many others!

We hope to see you soon!


With an ArtSoc membership, you get various benefits such as exclusive access to exhibitions and events on- and off-campus. A membership also ensures that you will get free or heavily discounted access to some paid ArtSoc events.

Your membership fees help us maintain the society’s finances and purchase art supplies for you to enjoy. Furthermore, being a member of ArtSoc will get you the opportunity to meet several like-minded individuals and learn together in pursuit of improvement.

  • Full year (Terms 1 to 3): £5
  • Optional A4 Sketchbook: £5


Time: Tuesdays (hybrid sessions like socials, movies and quizzes) and Thursdays (general sessions), 7 to 9PM

In person sessions this term are hosted in the Bourne Annexe in rooms 280 and 295
Some online sessions will be hosted on Discord:

Events and Activities

Our events over the course of the year include:

  • 7 to 9 pm group sessions every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Exhibitions for your work
  • Clay Modelling sessions
  • Mask Painting sessions
  • Picture Gallery sketching sessions
  • Monthly movie night
  • Comic Jams
  • Guest speakers
  • Speed-drawing; collaborative and blind drawing, etc.
  • Fundamental training sessions (gesture, anatomy, values, etc.)
  • Arty games and challenges (Inktober, Smaugust etc.)
  • Trips to galleries and museums
  • Collaborations with other societies

Contact Us

We currently have several avenues of communication for members new and old! Any questions, please direct them to us through these avenues, we hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Art - Standard Membership£5.00

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  • Art - Standard Membership£5.00


  • Sketchbook£5.00
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