Bad at Sports

Bad at sports is a non-competitive sports society. We aim to create a chill environment to get everyone involved in some sports. It will be a fun way to keep fit and meet new people. We provide an environment for you to try a range of sports without committing loads of time and money. This society is also an affordable way to keep active and social.



Each week we will hold a different sports session ranging from rounders to yoga. We will always plan for indoor and outdoor sessions and do whatever the weather permits. In addition, to our regular weekly sessions, we may host collabs with other societies so you get to experience the best of whichever sport we collaborate on.



Along with the weekly sessions, we will hold a weekly social afterwards. This will be a great way to unwind after the sessions. Each month we will hold a special social where we will do a little more than your usual pub social. From a cocktail/mocktail-making session to a pizza night we will have a bit of fun and experience something new.


Charity football match:

We are looking to host a charity football match against the university football team. More details to come!! Memberships Through purchasing a membership to our society, you will gain access to our weekly sessions and special socials. Your membership also contributes to the running of the society, including buying equipment, funding special socials, events and the development of the society. As a member of the Bad At Sports society, you will become a part of a welcoming and supportive group of like-minded individuals who you’ll form strong connections with.


Contact us:

We are always looking forward to welcoming new members to this society. We have created a WhatsApp group for new and existing members to keep in touch so we can answer any questions you may have. For any updates on our events/ plans join the GC and follow us on Instagram!

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  • Bad at Sports Standard Membership£7.50

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  • Bad at Sports Standard Membership£7.50
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