Eton Fives

Welcome to Royal Holloway Eton Fives Club! If you've never played or even heard of the sport don't worry, we'll soon have you entering the many tournaments that happen across the year.

Fives is a very unique sport, unlike anything you are likely to have come across before, so university is the perfect time to come and give it a try. Don't worry about kit, we have our own which you can borrow if you're unsure about joining. 

We train twice a week off campus, once at Eton and once at Sunningdale, both of which are easily accessible by train.


After training we all like to gather in the pub for a drink and a laugh, usually accompanied by food.

We also have regular socials organised for the SU, as well as socials further afield in Windsor or London.

The Sport

Now, its unlikely that you will have come across Eton Fives before, but that's not an issue. We're very well prepared for new members to come and get involved straight away. We have experienced coaching available and a tournament right in late October, meaning you can get playing proper fives straight away.

A short video about the sport:

Training Times

Day Time Place
Tuesday 19.30-21.30 Eton College, Windsor
Sunday 16.00-18.00 Sunningdale School, Sunningdale


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Student Opportunities

Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
Elliot Bramwell
Ted Murray
Ben Fitzpatrick