Motion to Back UCU Industrial Action in Pensions Dispute

Last night a motion was submitted to the Annual General Meeting in support of the UCU industrial action. In accordance with the Students’ Union’s constitution, quorum for All Student Meetings is 100 ordinary members. As the Annual General Meeting was not quorate we were unable to take a vote on this motion and now seek the opinions of all students through an online vote.

The motion asks that we, as a student body, support the UCU industrial action in the pension dispute. The Union has previously made two statements regarding this dispute. The first gives more background to the issue and can be found here,  the second was a joint statement with the UCU which can be read here.

The motion calls on us to give full and public support to the UCU industrial action and lobby the University to oppose the changes to the USS pension. If this motion is passed, the Students’ Union will:

  • Encourage students to show solidarity with their lecturers by asking you not to attend lectures and seminars and not use services still in operation on strike days.
  • Encourage you to join the staff picket lines that will be set up on those days.
  • Ensure frustration around these strikes in directed towards College management rather than lecturers themselves.

You can read the full motion to understand more.

We are asking all students to give the Union direction on how they would like us to move forward on this issue by voting for or against to the proposed motion.

You must be logged in cast your vote, this will close at 10:30am Thursday 22nd February.

Read The Full Motion


The Options

When deciding your view on the motion it's essential that you have both sides of the story. Below are links through to arguments both for and against the motion but you also have the option to abstain.

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