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Housing Week

15-19 January

Housing is one of those issues that affects every single student that comes through our gates. From your first year halls accommodation, to the end of your time at uni, we want to ensure that you're getting the most out of your housing experience. In second and third year, it's likely that you'll move in to private accommodation- that's where Housing Week comes in. We'll be hosting in January, where we'll guide you through the process, providing you the tools you need to make sure you're happy with your future accommodation.

Need to find a reliable house? We're on it. Struggling to find house mates? No problem. Not sure if the contract is right for you? We've got you.

And remember, we have a dedicated member of the Advice Centre reserved solely for housing issues, so any time of the year, give us a shout and we can help you out!

From tales of housing horrors to helping you find your perfect home, Housing Week is all about making sure that you're getting the most possible for your money and helping you to avoid common housing mistakes.


Stay tuned for future events.