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Housing is one of those issues that affect every single student that comes through our gates. From your first-year halls accommodation to the end of your time at uni, we want to ensure that you're getting the most out of your housing experience. After first year, it's likely that you'll move into private accommodation - that's where Housing Week comes in.

From our Housing Fair, where you can speak to local estate agents and landlords, to handy articles on your housing rights, Housing Week is all about making sure that you become a savvy tenant, whether that's by saving yourself a bit of money or avoiding common housing mistakes.

Read more about what we’re focusing on during Housing Week below, and find out how to get involved!

Know what to expect

A housing contract is a long-term journey and it's important that you know your rights as a prospective tenant, from before you sign right through until the return of your deposit. We want to empower you to challenge unfair treatment and avoid common mistakes.

We also know things might be a bit tight right now, and moving into a new house can pose a significant financial challenge. We want to make sure you know what to expect in terms of expected housing costs, what landlords are and aren’t allowed to charge you, and some top tips for saving money along the way.

Join our expert advisors on Monday 28 November to take part in some fun activities, get some freebies, and learn more about your housing rights and saving money. Check out our articles throughout the week covering everything you need to know for before, during, and at the end of your tenancy, and see our Looking, Living, and Leaving advice pages for more information.


Every year, as early as October, some landlords and agents start to ask their current tenants (who’ve just moved in) to decide whether or not they want to renew their contract for the following year. As students are not experienced renters, they often don’t challenge this request.

However, we're here to tell you that there is no need to panic. In fact, we'd encourage you to wait until after Christmas before you commit to a housing contract for the next academic year.

We know that housing plays a significant role in your university experience, which is why it's super important that you take your time and don't rush into any decisions that you may later regret. Leaving a contract after you’ve signed it is not straightforward and can cause a lot of stress, so it’s best to wait until you’re sure before signing.

You can find out more on our Don’t Sign in Term One campaign page.

Know where to get help

Our Advice Centre is on hand to provide information and guidance about many common issues you might face as a first-time renter. The best way to get in touch with our advisors is by emailing with a summary of your issue, and any relevant documents (e.g. housing contract), and we'll be in touch with some guidance ASAP!


Stay tuned for news articles throughout the week.


SU on Tour: Housing Week
28th November
EWD Foyer
Join our expert advisors in the library to take part in some fun activities, get some freebies, and learn more about your housing rights. We’ll be talking about how the cost of living is impacting students, and our top tips for making easy savings.
Housing Fair
30th November
Students' Union Main Hall
Join us for our annual Housing Fair featuring all the best local accommodation including private halls, letting agents, landlords, and more.
HouseMating Cafe
2nd December
Tommy's Lounge, Students' Union
Ready to start looking for housemates for next year? Or perhaps you have a spare room to fill in your house? Come along to our Housemating Cafe to meet other students also looking for housemates, and to speak to our friendly advisors.