Winning Change

The most important thing that course reps do is to make positive changes to their course or academic department. Each year we work with over 300 students to help them achieve both big and small wins. 

Some examples from last year include:

  • A joint honours student got the structure of their programme altered, allowing students to choose from more modules from a specific department than previously available. This broadened the curriculum for over 30 students, and meant they could pursue their academic interests.
  • A student from Arts & Social Sciences persuaded their department to change the way an assessment was graded, to include marks for both individual and group contribution.  This meant individual students were rewarded for their own contribution to a shared task, as well as the overall performance of the team.
  • A student from Drama agreed a 10 point action plan with their department detailing a number of different improvements to the student experience scheduled for the following year. These included changes to the course structure, assessment methods, and what modules were considered compulsory.

Are you a current course rep and would like to tell us about a particular win you’ve had?  Complete our online form below:


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What did you do to tackle the problem?

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