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Shrijeet Shrey.

Candidate for VP Education

I'm a 2nd year Computer Science(Artificial Intelligence) student who wants to see Royal Holloway become best optimized for all we can achieve as a university run by young thinkers. I have analyzed specific datasets about this university and measured global datasets across universities around the globe over the past two years. I believe we have a surprisingly positive chance of using this method to help us improve the direct human experience, our college rankings, budget allocation, sports performance and countless other aspects of a university. As cool as using state of the art technology to accelerate us amongst the best experiences sounds, I don't want to underestimate already existing problems like affordable housing, student mental health and academic-life balance. More than trying to win an election, I stand here, for a much greater purpose, for our voices to be heard, for young minds around me to know about the infinite set of amazing possibilities that are ahead of them. Let's resist unintended silence. Let's get your voices be heard like music.

Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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