A photograph of Harrison Clinton

Harrison Clinton.

Candidate for President

Vote Clinton for Change

But I’m not just saying that, as you read you’ll realise these are tangible changes and if you like them you should trust me with your vote for President.

Safety of students

Firstly, I believe that the safety of students should be of paramount importance, and many of my proposed policies prioritise this. The distressing increase in spikings at our Student’s Union has provoked fear in what should be a fun environment. As your president, I intend to mitigate this by introducing an area of the SU exclusively for girls. This area would be staffed by female employees and would include a bar, sofas, mirrors and other items intended to create a safe, relaxed environment.

In line with this notion of safety, I plan to increase the frequency of safety shuttle buses after nights out; ensuring students get home safely and affordably.

Academic Concerns

A distinguished academic concern which has been criticised widely by students is the discrepant and unequal nature of the universities marking criteria. It is evident that some professors are more harsh and this creates a feeling of injustice within our university. To do this, I intend to work with the VP education to advocate the idea of professors marking samples of each other’s work to see if there is a noticeable difference in marks awarded.

In addition to this I look to work closely with the personal tutors to implement new ways students can be more acquainted with their tutor as currently many have never spoken to them.

General Changes

In a poll of 200+ students, it has been shown that the price and quality of the SU shop is repelling customers, and hence is curbing demand. As president, I would look to reduce prices and this would be warranted by an increase in demand.

I aim to allow guests to return to the SU venue, this has been highly requested and due to the success at medicine should be permitted

Bring in more ticket and drink options for events such as early bird, cheaper tickets for earlier entry and introduce a loyalty scheme.

Increase capacity at the SU for certain nights by hiring extra security made possible by increased ticket sales.

Dedicated BBQ areas on Founders field during summer

Work with the sports centre to provide more access to the facilities we have which are rarely used during the day time