A photograph of Rida Haider

Rida Haider.

Candidate for President

I thoroughly enjoyed my student life at Royal Holloway. This university helped me create memories from being a course rep to being the presidents of two committees and a project leader for a volunteering role. Not only this, working for the SU and the packhorse which included developing new skills and making this university a better place. I learnt new sports and inculcated new set of skills in my student life. RH100 and student helper jobs gave me an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the students on my own. I made many friends from different parts of the world and got an opportunity to learn about their language, culture and their countries.

However, I want to make SU a better, safer and a happening place for the current and prospective students.

- Every day is met with a new concern or an issue subjective to each student, which poses a new challenge to the university. I as a student body leader would take these challenges as an opportunity to bring changes and make the change happen in the lives of the students and find solutions, sustainable and long-lasting to help them further their interests and spend their years with happiness and joy.

-As a woman, I plan on working closely with the Runnymede council, Surrey police and RHUL administration to make this campus safe for every woman student including student unions, lecture halls, library, dining halls and even at the parking lot.

- Pandemic brought many underlying issues of the system into limelight hence, it was crucial to design a structure to deal with the repercussions of a pandemic and its ability to deal with the students problems both academic and personal in nature during one.

- Mental Health continues to be an important point on my agenda. It is the need of the hour to provide the students with a platform where they can be heard and listened to, in order to address their concerns pertaining to mental health. Nobody deserves to live and suffer in silence.

- An international student yet widely travelled person, I strongly believe that university should be made a global place where opinions, values and cultures are accepted and respected by one and all

- Creating a wider participation for disabled students collectively and opening more avenues for them to succeed, participate and th