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Carmen Anderson.

Candidate for School Rep - Performing & Digital Arts

I understand and am passionate about the value of teamwork and the sharing of information to create the best outcomes from course design, delivery, and learning opportunities. This is why I am running for School Rep.

In regards to experience and what I think I can bring to this role, in sixth form, I ran the Student and Staff council. From this, I gained an understanding of how important the student voice is in helping to develop improvements to courses and programmes of learning. This role meant that I was the main link between the students and the school staff; any student in the school could approach me with their problems or their ideas and I would liaise with staff to help find solutions, or to act on their suggestions and initiatives which helped to create strong working partnerships within the school.

I believe education is a process which works best with the full participation and partnership of students and teachers, and so making sure that the student voice is heard and listened to is of vital importance to me; education is not a benefit that is received passively but one that must be engaged with fully.During this year, I learned that representing students created an important bridge for the flow of information that formed the foundation of beneficial changes.

Driven by my passion for drama and theatre, I was a member of a drama group for six years. During my gap year, I was a director in the group; I thoroughly enjoyed incorporating the students’ ideas and initiatives into everything we did. I also set up a drama club with my peers in school to help younger students explore this art form and develop their performing talent.

As School Rep for the PDA, I will bring to the role not only my previous experience in representing students, but also passion and dedication in ensuring that the academic experience for all PDA students is improved.

SCHOOL REP - Performing & Digital Arts
Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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