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Gauresh Kuradia.

Candidate for School Rep - Life Sciences & The Environment

Being in the course representative position enables me to voice any student’s issues, concerns and solutions to the course and anything around campus is the most important task for the course representative to carry out. The position offers me an opportunity to broaden my personal and professional network, which allows me to look for improvements to be made within the course, and around the university campus. Whilst being in the position requires special skills, and being responsible, I think it would be the right step for me, which would then open new pathways for me to learn more about the culture, and more about Psychology as a subject, and the field. Being a course representative shows the level of responsibility, and shows the leadership qualities of an individual, I think, I would be able to perform well as well as looking for ‘continuous improvement’; Kaizen. Which means there is always room for improvement, and while working on the project/ issue, one can always constantly keep improving their outlook, and suggestions on how to move forward and make sure that the problem is put out of the way. Having attended 3 years of public speaking workshops have allowed me to be confident enough, and make sure that I carry myself well around a huge crowd, which suits me when I am looking to talk to a huge crowd. I think the best part of this is, that there are multiple course representatives, which allows many ideologies coming out on the table, and then it offers making an informed decision about an ongoing issue, a healthy group discussion about the correct way to go about it. As demanding this position would be, I think it should come naturally to one, so it doesn’t seem like a task, I think I would be suited for this position because I get to work on my time management skills, socialising skills and making sure that I have everything in check personally and professionally. As far as the subject of what improvements I can contribute to personally comes forth, I think it’s best for me to act instantaneously instead of delaying until the small budding problem raises into an issue of concern, rather nip it in the bud.

SCHOOL REP - Law & Social Sciences
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14 March 2022

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16 March 2022

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