A photograph of Ffion Collins

Ffion Collins.

Candidate for VP Wellbeing & Diversity

I am running for VP of Wellbeing and Diversity in order to ensure the SU prioritises the safety of the students. The voice of the students should prevail in everything the SU does. The collectives should be used as platforms to ensure diversity, inclusion and representation are equal.

Student safety:

Every student should feel safe on campus. Night time safety needs to be improved. Anti-spiking measures need to be supplied in the most effective manner, and expanded to ensure the are no gaps in the protection they offer. Furthermore, the anti-spiking campaign needs to be strengthened. The current campaign is focussed solely on drink spiking, which is outdated. The aftercare system needs to be improved- one way I aim to do this is by introducing RHUL’s own ‘walking angels’ which can already be found in most major town/city centres, including Windsor.

The role of the Good Night Out crew needs to be clearer to students, and there should be clearer advice about what to do to take care of friends after a night out.

Community relations:

During my time as VP Wellbeing and Diversity, I would like to understand the relationship the university has with the local residents, and work to improve it. It is essential to the wellbeing of all students that they feel comfortable and safe in the local area. I believe there should be a platform for both students and the local residents to express their concerns and experiences.

Diversify SU events:

The Give it a Go events should facilitate involvement in sports and societies more often, so that it maximises the availability of things people find through the events, and enjoy. I will work closely with the elected VP Sports and Societies to develop a timetable for the Give it a Go events, with the participation of societies and sports.

Strengthen Collectives:

I believe that the collectives we have on campus are vital to informing SU policies and ensuring that all voices are represented and heard. I will strengthen the collectives, support their growth, and promote their involvement in SU Decision making. Promotion of the collectives and any educational or awareness-based events they represent will also facilitate growth. I believe we should also look to other established groups on campus to inform our decisions. Every member of our community should have a say in the decisions that are being made that will affect them.

Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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