Eastfield and Founder's Field Upgrade

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the gradual wear and tear of Eastfield and Founder’s Field. These grass areas had previously been utilised for both, trainings and fixtures. However, the excessive use of the space without significant maintenance has meant that Eastfield is now a fixtures-only facility and Founder’s Field only allows training for clubs that may not cause it much harm.

Why is this important?

Fortunately, action is now being taken to improve the quality of these facilities so that students can get the best from them. Over the summer break, a £35,000 investment will be made into the improvement of the drainage system of Eastfield. The pitch has always been subject to flooding when the rain comes down heavy, and the firm base means that water does not effectively drain off the pitch.

The drainage development will help resolve some of the fixture issues and cancellations we had last year, and will improve the surface going forward. The main aim is for the space to be used as a multi-purpose, high-quality sporting pitch in future years. It is a great location that has the potential to host multiple different sports.

With regards to Founder’s Field, some smaller works are taking place on the facility to fix and minimise the potential future damage caused by the training sessions taking place on the area. The nature of the space means that only limited amounts of work can take place. However, the work that will be done will make the space more functional for training clubs.

All of the work taking place over the summer is exciting and much needed. After working with clubs that use these spaces regularly over the year, the news should fall fondly on the ears of groups such as American Football, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby and Football clubs.

If you have any questions about the upgrades then please do get in touch with me. Make sure to stay up to date via our social media channels as well as Royal Holloway Sport channels.

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport