End of Year Recognition: Executives

Any year is an important year to be a member of one of our three Executives, but 2020/21 has been an even bigger challenge with student voices being more vital to your officers than ever before. Inspired by student representatives, find out what they've achieved alongside your Vice Presidents.

It's day two of our End of Year Recognition as we continue to shout about the amazing things you've been getting up to this year.

Having highlighted our Collectives yesterday, today it's the turn of our Executives!

Any year is an important year to be a member of one of our three Executives, but 2020/21 has been an even bigger challenge with student voices being more vital to your officers than ever before.

If you’re not sure what the Executives are, we have one supporting each of the Vice Presidents:

While you can find what they’ve been up to in full on the Executives webpage, we wanted to take a moment to recognise some of the key areas where members have had an impact through the year.

Education Executive

Student representatives

  • Toby Bates
  • Maia Jarvis
  • Sampada Kotcherlakota
  • Ellie Matthews
  • Vaanee Sarihyan
  • Tanya Solomon
  • Grace Waterman

Chaired by VP Education Alissa Chohan, the Education Executive is made up of school reps as well as convenors of our PGR, PGT, Commuting and BAME Student Collectives.

The big piece of work this year that the Education Executive has been covering throughout the year is the Digital Education Experience surveys, by feeding in directly to each survey before its release to students and then reviewing the results at the end.

They’ve been a fantastic point of communication and voice whenever proposed changes have come forward, whether that be exams and assessments or emergency regulations, and they have also fed into a piece of work to understand what is important to you as we transition into the next academic year.

Members of the Executive have also run activities beyond the boundaries of meetings. Your school reps who make up the majority of the Executive have been busy:

  • Hosting quizzes to build community and connectivity;
  • Developing Moodle pages to improve communication and accessibility to resources and information;
  • Creating virtual study spaces to support you with collaborative opportunities to discuss work that you'd usually get to experience in communal study spaces.

Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

Student representatives

  • Rebecca Bullamore
  • Mengli Feng
  • Sampada Kotcherlakota
  • Antonin Lefebvre
  • Ellie Matthews
  • Nathaniel McShane

Chaired by VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick, the WCD Executive is made up of convenors from all of our Student Collectives.

A major area of importance has been working closely with Henn throughout the year to identify the key priorities for members of the Collectives when looking at university life in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Executive has also played a key role in informing the campaigns that have taken place including Let’s Talk About Sex and RHSU Stands Together.

Members have also been a core part of reviewing the process of elections for Collectives, as well as the end-of-year handover process.

Societies, Sports and Opportunities Executive

Student representatives

  • Jodie Charman
  • Kayleigh Fryer
  • James Giles
  • Josh Miskin
  • Afreen Shaikh
  • James Shannon
  • Evie Skyrme
  • Olivia Stocks
  • Charlotte Wassell
  • Chloe Williams

Chaired by VP Societies & Sport Lucy Brown, the SSO Executive includes members and committee leaders from a variety of student groups who have faced unenviable challenges throughout the past year.

With most of the in-person activity wiped out by the pandemic, the SSO Executive has dealt with numerous changes to restrictions while trying to identify suitable activities for groups.

Recognising student groups this year was always going to be a challenge as Societies/Colours Awards were unable to take place in-person as we would have known in previous years. The Executive members however put forward ideas of their own and were integral in the way we were able to recognise you and your groups through a celebration on Instagram Stories.

Members also supported the work that Lucy has been doing throughout the year, including the launch of Committee Cafés that provide a communal and social opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with peers.

Find out more

You can learn more about each of the Executives by checking out their respective pages on our website.