Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

The Wellbeing, Community and Diversity (WCD) Executive is a committee of student representatives responsible for shaping and directing the improvement of wellbeing, inclusion, equality and diversity at Royal Holloway. From determining annual priority campaigns and areas of work such as issues relating to health, housing, student finance as well as related events put on by the union. The Executive also holds the Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity accountable for their work, providing support and acting as a friend.

It also coordinates the work of Collectives, fostering intersectional collaboration while advising both the Officer Group and other Executives on issues relating to wellbeing, inclusion, equality and diversity across other areas of work.


  • Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity (Chair)
  • President
  • One representative from each Collective (usually the Chair)
  • Up to two co-opted members approved on an annual basis

How do I get involved?

The entire elections process takes place online starting with nominations open now and closing Wednesday 9 October at 4pm.

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