Law Soc Win Student Group Recognition!

VP Societies & Media Sophia Bolton is excited to congratulate the winners of the first Student Group Recognition award, Law Society! Amazing job, team!

In November we launched the new Student Group Recognition scheme, one of my manifesto points to help more groups get recognised for their amazing work campus-wide! I'm really excited to congratulate the very first winners of the award, Law Society!


They had a fantastic start to the year by going above and beyond all expectations and I am so happy that we get to recognise them in this way! So please join me in congratulating the society. 

Charlie Brook, President of Law Society gives us an update below on some of their great achievements from Term One. 

Law Soc's Achievements

Student Group Recognition aims to showcase groups that go above and beyond to make everything they do as amazing as possible. We are speficifically looking for groups who have excelled in relation to the five values of the Students’ Union:

  • Brave
  • Trustworthy
  • Student Focused
  • Inclusive
  • High Quality

If you think your group is amazing and you want to nominate them to become the next winners of the Student Group Recognition award, make sure you click the button below!

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Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media