Looking After Your Wellbeing Post-University

While at university, you’re surrounded by free support services, but once you stop being a student you will have to actively look for support when you need it. This article is our way of giving any graduating students a little reminder to prioritise your health and take those necessary steps to look after yourself.

Continue with existing support

Your university journey may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you should stop getting support. We know it can be a hassle registering with new places and getting fresh appointments, but your wellbeing is worth it. If you think you’re likely to get overwhelmed, call your local Citizens Advice Bureau, whose friendly staff who can guide and support you free of charge, just like our Advice Centre does.

Here are some key actions you should take:

  • Register with your local GP as soon as you can and make an appointment to review any health conditions you have. 
  • If you have any concerns, note the questions you want to ask the GP before your appointment, so you don’t forget anything.  
  • Diarise any follow-up actions you have to take.

Talking therapies are mostly accessed by self-referral, so search for free NHS services near you if you were getting or need to get some support with your mental health.  We know that your housing and financial wellbeing can have a huge impact on your mental health, so see our tips here to make sure you know what help is available.

Prioritise your wellbeing

While finding a job is obviously an important next step for lots of graduating students, it shouldn’t take priority over your health. If you have physical or mental health problems you need help managing, put those at the top of your to-do list. A healthier, happier you can take on so so SO much more!

Got any random worries?

No matter how big or small your questions, our Advisors are happy to take them. If they don’t have the answers, they’ll guide you to them. Get your questions in…they’re here all summer to help you!

Further Support

We appreciate the volume of information being sent your way could be quite overwhelming, so we've created a Coronavirus Hub to give you quick links to key advice, guidance, and our latest news updates. With dedicated pages for housingacademic, and welfare advice, as well as links to government advice and College FAQs, it's your one-stop shop for all the vital information during this time.

The Advice Centre is a free, independent and confidential service for all students here at Royal Holloway. Our friendly, experienced and professional staff will provide a listening ear and offer general and specialist advice. We’re here to support you with a whole range of issues, big and small, and if we’re not the best people to help you with a particular issue, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Email us at advice@su.rhul.ac.uk with any questions or to ask for a phone appointment.