Student Group Elections 2021 Results

Find out who you've elected to lead your sports clubs, societies, and media outlets in the 2021/22 academic year.

The wait is over and the Student Group Elections results are in - we can now reveal the next leaders of your sports clubs, societies, and media outlets!

952 group members turned out to cast a total of 7107 votes, electing 392 successful candidates into committee positions.

To achieve these numbers during a year that has seen groups face some of their lowest engagement is incredible and it really highlights just how integral student groups are to the Royal Holloway campus. 

Congratulations to Absolute Harmony and Netball who both won £50 for their groups after achieving the highest voter turnout in their respective categories. Check out the turnout for your group on our voting statistics page.

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Huge congratulations to everyone who has successfully been elected! Running in any kind of elections can be daunting so you should be extremely proud that you made the decision to stand, especially following all the new challenges introduced to committee members this year. Looking forward, we really hope you can get excited for the upcoming journey and opportunities as you lead your respective groups out of the pandemic.

For those of you who were not successful, please try not to be too disheartened. Not only has the process of running in the election given you valuable life experiences that you can include in a CV or job interview, but there will always be more opportunities for you to get involved!

Later this term, we will be holding a by-election for any vacant core positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer) which will give you another opportunity to put yourself forward for a spot on committee. In term one of next academic year, there will also be another election for any positions across the board that still remain vacant.

I’ve been elected, what’s the next step?

New committee members will receive an email with more information, so keep an eye on your inbox for that. 

The most important next step is Student Group Training, which you can read about below.

Student Group Training

We are so excited to work with you next year and see the great things you go on to achieve with your groups! But before that can happen, it is our responsibility to make sure you are all fully equipped to run your group effectively so you can hit the ground running in September.

This year, we are planning on utilising what we have learned through the pandemic and we will again be delivering Student Group Training online. The digital approach means you can be more comfortable and the sessions can be spread out, allowing you time to process the information you are receiving. 

Starting from Monday 7 June, we will be running a two-week training programme full of compulsory and optional sessions all giving you the key information needed to get through the summer and prepare for all eventualities of the next academic year. A full timetable of sessions is available on the Student Group Training webpage.