This Girl Can Round-Up

After an incredibly successful week celebrating and empowering women in sport with the campaign This Girl Can, VP Sport Dom Brown brings you a round-up with some of the best moments from the week!

The annual This Girl Can campaign took place last week and saw a huge range of incredible events in order to promote the empowerment and opportunity of female participation in sport.

Royal Holloway Sport and student groups filled the week with a frenzy of fantastic features in support of the campaign. In this blog I am going to attempt to sum up all of the week’s happenings, so enjoy!

What’s the down low?

Royal Holloway Sport were running a plethora of open sessions in the gym and Jane Holloway Hall. From Monday to Friday there were female personal trainers leading This Girl Can Lift sessions, which aimed to introduce new members to basic muscle training. Alongside this, there were two women-only gym sessions where students were able to go and freely work in Jane Holloway Hall.

Throughout the week, the Riding Club were posting content on their social media based around the benefits of riding on your mental and physical health. This was a fantastic social media campaign to see every day and shed light on the benefits of a sport that most people might not be able to see.

Image of the Badminton team

Image of the Womens Football Team

Cheerleading were also collecting sanitary products all week to supplement their efforts in this campaign. The AG1, 2 and side-line teams also wore pink outfits to their training sessions.

Fencing posted profiles from some of their female club members explaining why they are involved in fencing and how it #DoesYouGood.


The week kicked off with a colourful Lacrosse training session, which saw the club and its members don pink outfits in honour of the campaign. This is a simple way of getting all members involved in a great week and made for a fantastic Instagram post!


Women’s Football nailed the theme of inclusivity on Tuesday by opening up their training session to all female and non-binary students. It was for all abilities and ran some simple drills so people didn’t feel intimidated or uncomfortable attending. Well done girls!


On Wednesday, Hockey organised a charity tournament and welcomed all members and non-members of the club to come down and give Hockey a go. The money they raised from the event is going to a fantastic cause.


Cricket ran a women’s open session to introduce people to the game and give them a taste of Cricket, alongside advertising the club’s successful women’s team


In their training session, Swimming aimed to reach out to girls of all shapes and sizes to break the barrier that holds women back from participating in sports by posting some short videos on their social media featuring female members of the club.


Saturday witnessed the ambitious crossover event between Women’s Rugby and the Netball club. This event saw both clubs try each other’s sports, this was a great opportunity for two different styles of sports to have a new experience. Great work from both clubs!

To finish, I just want to reiterate how amazing it is to see all of these clubs engage in a really impactful campaign, sorry if I have missed any clubs and societies out! My social media use isn’t the best.

But if the week encouraged just one more girl to get involved in sport, then it was already a success! Even then, the awareness raised to further empower women in physical activity has a greater positive impact.

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport