Protect your stuff

None of us can live without our gadgets. Contents insurance can be a life-saver if your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged. We would always recommend Endsleigh as they specialise in student insurance but other providers exist and you can compare packages offered on price comparison websites. Make sure to look to see if any other have deals for students.

Look into the small print and be aware of the terms and conditions, including limits on claims and excess charges when you claim. If you would like us to look over any insurance contract then please get in touch with us.

Financial Guidance

You can see what financial assistance you’re eligible for as a student by contacting RHUL Financial Welfare & Funding Advice – Founder’s West 1st Floor (150). They can give you information about grants and loans available at the University as well as helping you plan your budget, so go and see them for anything below:

  • Creating a budget plan
  • Saving money on food/going out
  • Borrowing from friends and family
  • Grants available at uni/away
  • Loans available at uni/away
  • Loan sharks
  • Finding a job

Avoiding fines and deductions

There are common issues that can cause you to lose part of or all of your deposit, receive fines or even be evicted. Below are some tips to help you avoid this:

Tenancy Dos

  • Find out who is managing the property (landlord or agent) as they will be your contact if there are problems. Get an emergency contact number for them.
  • Tell your landlord/agency promptly if you need repairs IN WRITING (text/email).
  • Buy and use a mattress protector.
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries as needed by regularly testing.
  • Ensure good ventilation and wipe away condensation to avoid mould forming.
  • Report any incident of loss or damage by fire, theft, etc. to landlord/agency within 48 hours for insurance purposes or you could be liable for damages.
  • Lock all doors when property is empty.
  • If there’s a burglar alarm, set it when the property is empty.
  • If you lose keys, you will usually have to pay for new locks and spare keys.
  • Make sure there is no blockage of reachable gutters, sewers, drains etc. especially in autumn/winter- report blockages immediately.
  • Find out about how rubbish is sorted and collected.
  • Take precautions against infestation.
  • Be good neighbours, this means taking care to not have any excessive noise (noise that disturbs others) that is audible at any time. Take a look at the guidance on how to Be a Good Neighbour from the College.
  • If you’re having problems with your landlord, ALWAYS communicate in writing (text, email or formal letter). You can make an appointment with the Advice Centre for support.

Tenancy Dont's

  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t install a satellite dish/aerial etc. on the exterior of property, without permission of your landlord.
  • Don’t light naked flames of any kind, including candles.
  • Don’t keep any pets.
  • Don’t install new locks.
  • Don’t paint or use permanent decoration, blu tack, or sticky tape, as these leave marks.
  • Don’t dry clothes on radiators - this causes damp and mould and you could be liable for repairs.