Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions about attending our venues and events. If you don't find an answer here to a question you have, drop us an email at Students.Union@su.rhul.ac.uk.

What ID do I need to bring with me on a night out?

Students must bring their Royal Holloway College Card and photographic proof of age ID (driving licence, passport, PASS card) to every event they wish to attend for identification purposes. Members of the public must bring photographic proof of age ID (driving licence, passport, PASS card).

How do I sign in a friend who doesn't attend Royal Holloway?

Students can bring a maximum of three guests to any event – Please note that due to COVID-19 safety measures, no guests are currently allowed within the Union Venue and Medicine is currently limited to one guest.

Generally, the easiest way to do this is by buying all tickets through your own student account. You will need to sign in your guest at one of the following locations on the day of the event:

For Union Venue events:

  • Students’ Union Helpdesk – Midday to 8pm
  • On the door – 10pm onwards

For Medicine events:

  • On the door – 10pm onwards

Your guest will need to arrive with you to the event and bring their own photographic proof of age ID. It’s also important to be aware that you are responsible for your guests’ behaviour while they are in the venue and make be given a sanction should they break the code of conduct.

Can I transfer a ticket to someone else?

Your student College card and tickets are not transferrable – i.e. you cannot lend it to anyone else to get into the venue.

When is last entry on SU nights out if I have purchased a ticket?

Any tickets to a nightclub event will guarantee you entry to the event until 11pm, after this time entry will be dependent on venue capacity until last entry at midnight. In the event of the entry guarantee time changing this will be specifically noted on the event page.

Is there an age limit on nights out?

All regular Union Venue and Medicine nightclub events are restricted to those that are 18+ years of age. All attendees and guests are required to provide proof of age if asked by the door staff, and you can be refused entry if you are unable to do this. Please note that any Royal Holloway student who forgets their College card will not be able to enter by quoting their student number unless they can also produce proof of age.

How much does the cloakroom cost?

The cloakroom costs £2 per item.

Where do I check for lost property?

To check lost property for the Union Venue, visit the Union Helpdesk upstairs in the SU. For Medicine, you'll need to pop down to the venue when it's next open for an evening event.

Will there be strobe lighting during a show?

We don’t have any strobe lights in the Union Venue; we have a pre-programmed intelligent lighting system which consists mainly of rotating heads. While the speed of the pattern can be controlled locally, the pattern design cannot. The lights are capable of reproducing strobe effect, but this functionality is not used at any event, unless specifically requested by a student group as part of a production or an artiste as part of their recognised show plan. Cross over of light beams are mitigated wherever possible, however due to the requirement to site lights for productions, there are some areas where cross over of beams is unavoidable.

Is there a dress code for nights out?

There is no strict dress code. You can wear jeans and trainers, fancy dress, a suit etc.

Is there a minimum debit card charge in the SU?

No, there is no minimum card charge.

Can I use my College Card to pay for drinks?

You certainly can! It's a lot quicker, too. Remember to top up.

Where can I find a cash machine?

There is a cash machine directly outside the Students’ Union main doors.

Where can I find a water fountain?

There is a water fountain in the Students' Union, by the doors in Tommy's Kitchen.

What is Freshers' Festival?

Freshers’ Festival is the first week of term where your Royal Holloway journey begins. There are tons of free events, taster sessions, and of course, nights out! It’s your chance to get involved and meet new people who are all in the same position as you.

Can students from all years attend Freshers' Festival events?

Yes, Freshers' Festival is open to all students.

I feel like I was harassed on a night out, who should I talk to?

If you feel like you have been harassed at an event, you can report this to a member of staff or security at the event so they can take immediate action.
You can also book an appointment at the Advice Centre located upstairs at the Students’ Union for a chat about any problems you are having.
Finally, you can report any concerns, complaints or misconduct through BeHeard, the College's reporting platform.

When I go on the SU website to buy a ticket for an event, how do I know if it's sold out?

If the event has sold out, you will not be able to add the tickets to your basket and will see a message pop up that says "product sales limit reached".

I'm having trouble logging into the website, what do I do?

Try following the steps provided in our login guide. If you’re still struggling after following the guide, please email marketing@su.rhul.ac.uk stating your student number and the error message you have encountered.