Student Voice Manager

Daniel Curran

I’m responsible for making sure students at Royal Holloway have a voice that is listened to and acted upon. Through our officers, representatives and campaigns the Union makes life better here for students. If you face any issues the Student Voice team are here to make sure you have support and guidance every step of the way.

01784 276749

Student Support Advisor (Housing Lead)

Serife Tumburi

I offer support and guidance to students, primarily regarding housing issues. I’m all about making students’ lives easier and you can approach me regarding any other areas of concern too. Contact me or the Helpdesk for an appointment and I will make sure that you can access the support or information that you need.

01784 276700

Student Support Advisor (Academic Lead)

Charlotte Clarke

I support students through any academic issues they’re facing. However, I’m happy to help you through any other issues affecting your student life at Royal Holloway. Drop me an email to make an appointment, or contact the Helpdesk.

01784 276700