Student Voice Conference.

14 - 18 February 2022

We are super excited to be introducing Student Voice Conference to you for the first time! Across Term Two, we’re running a number of activities to hear about the things that are important to you, and most importantly, identify solutions.

All activities that we carry out as part of the Student Voice Conference are open to ALL students. Whether you’re an academic rep, Collective convenor, member of a student group, media group, or none of the above. This conference is for all of you, and we encourage you to take part in any way that you can.

Speak Week.

14 - 23 JANUARY 2022

To ensure the conference is led and driven by you, we’re hosting a Speak Week to direct the content! It’s an opportunity for all students to provide feedback on the changes that you want to see at Royal Holloway. Your Officers will be leading the charge, reaching out to as many students as possible and asking for change.

We'll be asking you one big question:

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Once we’ve gathered all of your thoughts on what you’d like to see change, we will collate the data and identify the top three changes you’ve put forward. These will then make up the basis of what takes place during the Student Voice Conference core week.

The Conference.

The conference itself will span the week with each day featuring a different activity. We’ll hear from your Officer team and some of their campaigns. We’ll also take your top ideas to build workshops that inform you about the idea, and then facilitate a discussion to bring all of your thoughts to identify a solution to move forward with to create change.

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